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Can we blame our inconsistent blogging on writers block?

For the past few weeks I have really been struggling with writers block; I just haven’t been able to find the motivation and inspiration to blog. Each time I sit down and attempt to write a post, I end up staring aimlessly at the screen. I don’t have a shortage of ideas, I just can’t seem to tap into my creative flow and get my ideas written down. Along with writers block I’ve become critical of the quality of my photos and have been beating myself up about it for some time. I guess we all have aspects of our blogs we want to tweak and in all honesty I need to just take the plunge, buy the camera I’ve had my eye on and refocus on creating content I’m proud of.

My content has not been very consistent lately and it’s made me feel really frustrated. But in the time I’ve had away from my blog I have smoothed out other areas of my creative outlets. Please have a look at my refreshed Instagram feed, I’m really happy with how it looks now and don’t forget to follow @stayjoyful_uk (apologies for the slight digression but a little self promotion never hurt anyone). Anyway, the lack of content has annoyed me and I’m sure you’ve been patiently waiting for a post, but writers block is no joking matter. I’ve never been the type of person to just post for the sake of it so unfortunately I can’t apologize for that, but I am sorry I haven’t had any new content for you to read. I want my content to be meaningful and worth you reading, so if like me you have struggled with writers block then here are some tips that may help you to remain consistent even when you feel uninspired. 

A few tips on how to overcome writers block

1. Change of scenery- Just like anything seeing the same four walls isn’t always the most inspirational, so with that being said why not blog somewhere else. There are loads of places in the UK and for my oversees readers I’m sure there are lots of cute places you could grab a drink and create. Get creative with the places you choose and bring your camera or smart phone along with you to capture the moments. Coffee shops and restaurants are great places to blog in and most of them have free WiFi. One of my favourite places aside from the many coffee shops I’ve visited, is the ‘Southbank Centre’ the atmosphere boosts my creativity, and the photo opportunities are always great.


2. Drafts folder- As a blogger your drafts folder is your best friend, on the days where your creative flow is running like a river, write as many posts as you can and save them into your drafts folder. This way in those times where you are battling with what to write, you will already have a bank of amazing content ready to post. Your bank of blog posts will help you to keep your blog updated with great content and will ease the pressure of those times where writers block completely takes over and threatens your blogs consistency. A tip of mine is to proof read your draft posts so that they are literally a click away from being uploaded onto your blog (trust me un-proof read draft posts are a pain).


3. Take some time out- Don’t beat yourself up if your not as consistent as you’d hoped. There is no point just posting for the sake of it and compromising the quality of your content. Blogging breaks are sometimes needed so that you can refocus on what you want to produce and this also allows you to have time to search for inspiration. Remember this, quality is more important than an abundance of half hearted posts just there filling a gap, focus on creating the type of content you are proud of and the rest will follow.


4. Plan to win, don’t fail to plan- Something that has helped me in the past is planning my blog posts in advance and making myself a blogging schedule. I schedule my post ideas monthly and break my to do list down into weekly tasks. Organizing myself like this helps me to dedicate exclusive time to content creation, it’s then my job to hold myself accountable to sticking to it. So get yourself a note book, or if you want to push the boat out you can buy a dedicated blogging planner; get your ideas organised and be prepared to set aside time to create.

Writers block… is it ruining your blogging consistency?

Creating content isn’t as easy as non-creatives think

Bloggers/creatives struggle with motivation and reaching that eureka moment occasionally. Sometimes the ideas just flow and occasionally a huge block pops up and ruins proceeding; however, we can overcome these issues and stay consistent with our content. One of my intentions for the remainder of the year is to blog consistently, I love sharing my thoughts and I appreciate you coming along this journey with me. Cheers to my future creativity, I’m excited to get back on track.

Please let me know in the comments below if you would like me to share more blogging tips. Don’t forget to connect with me on social media via twitter and instagram @stayjoyful_uk

Have a great week lovelies x



Image by Stay Joyful

Image by Stay Joyful

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