Toxic clear out: in progress


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Clear out, don’t clean up

Tis the season to clear out the toxins from your life, both mind, body and soul. If you follow me on Instagram you will know that last week I made the decisions to change my number; I chose to sever a few ties that had been hanging around for a while. For some of you changing your number will probably seem like a small insignificant thing, but for me changing my number was more spiritual. It provided me with the opportunity to actively decide who will and will not have a place in my life. I can now clearly separate work/business from my personal life and take some ownership over the connections I have with people. The process of changing my number was quick and so freeing, I felt like a butterfly stretching her wings. Since I’ve changed my number I feel so light and free from so much baggage I hadn’t even realised was trailing along behind me. I cut cords and I feel amazing, I have put a full stop to people being able to creep back into my life and guess what “I ain’t sorry”.

Now to be honest cutting ties and clearing out are nothing new for me, I do this regularly throughout the year.  There is no point holding onto things or people that are sucking the happiness out of you or taking up valuable space. I’m sure there have been people in your life or experiences that you’ve had that just drain you of your energy. I’ve had my fair share of energy vampires trying to steal my joy and have had to cut ties for my own sake. Your personal wellbeing is so important to look after, and you have to be unapologetic when it comes to looking after yourself.

I got to a point in my life 3 to 4 years ago where I’d just had enough of flaky people, people that had nothing but negative vibes and people who I term as ‘users’. I was fed up and frankly sick and tired of people who were friends on paper but in reality were just frauds. I’ve been part of the drop me out season for a while (cut that dead weight). Toxic clear outs for me are like the purge of negativity and opening of space for positivity.

My advice is to be selective with your circles of people connected to you; I have differing circles for a number of reasons. My circles are made up of family; relatives; friends; associates; colleagues; business contacts and mentors. You will have noticed family and relatives sit in two different circles but I’ll explain that in another post soon. My number of actual friends has reduced over the years but the quality has risen tenfold. You have the option to choose who has significance in your life and what things influence you. So be mindful of whom and what you let into your physical and mental space, and remember to operate from a place of peace and love when connecting with others. They say ‘like attracts like’ and I strongly believe that to be true.

It’s not always easy to let them go

I have experienced people whose energy was totally off, everything that came from their mouths was full of hate or dread; their negativity was like a dark cloud, raining on everything good. These people forever discussed how much they hated themselves, bitched about others and had nothing nice to say about anyone. So I made up my mind that they had to go. Cutting people off is easier said than done sometimes and it can have challenges as I found out. I thought I could simply just disappear from their lives and that would be it. Unfortunately, cutting some people off would be one of the biggest hurdles I manged to overcome. I deleted them from social media, blocked them, but somehow they manged to pop back into my life. Vengeful at the fact I had left with no explanation, they set about trying to literally destroy me. But my energy doesn’t align with hateful energy and by the grace of the Most High I made it through unshaven. It’s funny how much you learn about a people when you try to cut ties, I realised how much they actually hated me and it was sad but necessary for me to discover this. These people literally formed a vigilantly group, cooked up some interesting lies and tried there hardest to attack me from every angle. When people try to destroy you with lies they won’t win. After the attack came and went the best part was the huge release I experienced which has made way for more like-minded people to enter my life. I hadn’t even realised how much energy these people had been scavenging from me.

I am able to say that the people I have in my life now are absolutely amazing, both new and old. I love you all so much and thank you for riding along with me on my journey of life. We may not see or speak to each other all the time, but we go together like ying and yang and our bond is unbreakable. If you have people in your life who are toxic it’s time to let them go. Your wellbeing is important and it’s time to cut off their energy supply. When negative people begin to leave your life you will feel a new found sense of peace and tranquility.

Quality is far more important than quantity when it comes to people and things in our lives. There is no point having a squad full of weak, unmotivated negative links. Wouldn’t you rather have a select few people you can truly call your power house? People who are like minded and uplift you? People who support you and can constructively give you critique? Don’t you want people who are down for you 100% like family? And experiences that make you beam with joy?

If you said yes to any of what I said above you know what you need to do. Until next time I am radiating peace and love your way

With Love from Sade xx


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