Unknown battles


Today I woke so thankful for my life, my opportunities and all that I have, and then I was reminded that not everyone’s morning is filled with such high vibrations. So many unknown battles go on in other people’s lives; how much time do we really spend considering the lives of others and the struggles people battle each and everyday. It’s easy sometimes to just glide through life not noticing the sad world around us. It makes me so sad when I hear about people who are struggling to escape the battles within; fighting a battle they currently can’t see a way out of; consumed by the pain of their lives and now victims of their circumstances. Everyone deserves to have happiness but sadly all of our life experiences differ and some people find it difficult to find the strength to keep fighting the battle.

I have adopted the habit of expressing gratitude daily for what I have in my life, material things, the life i’m able to lead, the resilience I’ve built up and the increasing network of supportive loving people I have around me. I know that’s not everyone’s story and however dark it may seem right now there is light at the end of every tunnel. If you become the source of light you will never have to walk in the darkness, when you refuse to be a victim you will be the victor. Circumstances will come to test your will power and I believe you can fight and you can overcome. We fall many times before elevating, we may become convinced that we will never be able to get back up; worried that life has beaten us down for last time and that this is a load now to heavy to bear. Although giving up at this point might seem like the easy option I urge you to dig deep, and to search for that piece of happiness buried within.

I will happily title myself as a positivity enthusiast, and I work daily to elevate my thinking. I seriously believe your mindset is the key to opening the padlock of your life, I know it is! Our minds are powerful beyond measure. We have to guard our minds like we guard our hearts, we must learn to harness the power to repel negativity so that we can enjoy a full and fulfilling life. Everyone experiences battles on the road of life, some can see the horizon coming into view and others can only see what has consumed them. They may not see a way out, we may have to create one for them. Never stop praying for that lost person, their storm must come to an end too.

This post may seem a little bit disorganized but I hope you will continue to read on, so that you can truly understand the message i’m trying to convey. I hope you will have a compassionate state of mind by the end, and as I share I hope your perspective may be shifted.

I’m from London and on average I see homeless people on a weekly basis, and I think it’s crazy that in this day and age people are still forced to live such a life. This is shocking but it’s the reality of the society we are plonked into. When I was younger I used to get irritated, pissed off in fact when people on the street would beg me for money. But as an adult I realized that I had no right to judge those people regardless of how they had ended up in that situation, who was I to judge anyone as if I was perfect and high all mighty; I had to check myself. I’m into motivational, inspiring, empowering content as you might have already realized, I love the uplift I get from tapping into inspiring things; it really puts me in a good place. The other day I was listening to one of my favourite motivational content creators, I literally can’t get enough of her content both new and old; she keeps it real, shout out to Shanel Cooper-Sykes (recently married and now know as Shanel Imonitie). I am literally calling it into existence that I will one day meet her #manifestingShanel. Any way, I was listening to one of her classes and she was talking about gratitude being the right attitude and the give away a dollar challenge, it made me think that I am more privileged that I sometimes realize. I wake in the morning in a house with my creature comforts, self indulgent pleasures and the basic necessities and some luxury bits and bobs thrown in. However there are people out there with literally nothing but the clothes on their back, memories and pain. As I continued to listen to Shanel’s words she shared the importance of being grateful for what you already have and challenged people to do a random act of kindness and give away a dollar a day; literally leave it somewhere for someone to find and express gratitude for all that you have. I reflected on the attitudes I’ve seen shown towards the less fortunate recently, and I remembered my guilty teenage self once upon a time judging homeless people.I used to think they only wanted money for drink and drugs and didn’t recognize the human being with real needs, in need of help from somebody. Thankfully in my early 20’s I learnt not to judge people on face value, and I honestly am thankful for opening up my mind to the realities of others, to read between the line and to understand that there are people out there that just need help, a glimmer of hope.



A few months ago I was approached by a homeless man near where I work, I was with an associate. The man asked me for some change, all I had was 50p, a packet of sherbet lemons and a can drink that id literally been waiting to open all day, mouth literally watering. The man asked for money but I didn’t have much, so I gave him the 50p, the drink and the sherbet lemons. The smile I got back was crazy, I mean I could literally see all of his teeth in the back of his head. I really didn’t feel like i’d done anything that great to be honest, a couple of sweets and a drink. The person I was with for some reason was furious, she went into one telling me I was an idiot and asked me why I was helping a tramp druggy on the street. I was shocked by the way she was reacting, she was acting as if i’d handed over the pin number of my current account. I couldn’t see where she was coming from, I ended the conversation quickly and said I had to go. Later that day I was heading to the station on my way home and I saw the same man, he called me over, he thanked me for what i’d given him earlier and started telling me a bit about himself. What he said to me has stuck with me ever since, he told me he remembered sherbet lemons from the good days. They were something he used to eat back in the day but since becoming homeless he couldn’t often get his hands on a packet. He went on to say that he was once married but had split from his wife due to personal reasons he didn’t go into. He said he was made redundant shortly after and was in a huge amount of debt, he also said he suffered from really bad depression and had just hit rock bottom, he had been living on the streets for 4 years. He then told me that he didn’t see an escape but wasn’t at the point of ending it all, just yet, but he had considered it. I honestly felt like crying, I felt so sorry for him and so angry the girl earlier had acted like that. We continued to talk and he told me more about the struggles he had gone through and the repossession of his home. His friends and family had literally turned there back on him and he felt like there was no point anymore but the kindness of strangers was what kept him holding onto that little bit of hope, that tiny thread of belief that one day his situation would change. He left me with these words that I have to share with you all “I am a person, although I seem like a mere beggar, I am a person, I bleed the same, I feel the cold at a volume greater than anyone with a home, talking and having someone treat me like a person is more valuable than any money. Please always remember that when you see someone on the streets, we didn’t always choose this life, sometimes shit happens and we feel trapped. Please keep me in your thoughts and thank you for giving me a piece of your time and treating me like a person”. After this encounter I literally couldn’t stop crying, instead of getting on the train at my usual stop I walked to the next station in order to gather my thoughts and sort myself out. His story touched me, the fact that despite it all there was still a thread of hope he held onto, I really do hope he finds his piece of happiness again.

The point i’m trying to make with this post is don’t look at the outward, don’t judge others by their appearance because you have absolutely no idea how people have ended up in the situations there in. Also I’m trying to get across to that you need to be grateful for whatever you have however big or small you think it is, your living good by another persons standards believe me. Gratitude is the best attitude, it’s not going to kill you to give that homeless person some money when they ask for it. If you feel uncomfortable doing that, why not get them something to eat or drink. Keep in mind the massive impact your small gesture might have on that persons life.
Challenges happen to us all, we are sometimes apart of situations we wish we weren’t but we have to try to keep our minds on the up and not allow things to burden us. No matter how traumatic your situation, or how horrendous the past may be, or the painful memories that feel like they won’t fade, you will overcome, you can break free from the chains but it all starts with you. Some of us might need that helping hand to get started and let’s not forget that; some of us need those kind words that spark us to continue the fight. Next time you see someone down on their luck, acknowledge them as a person, show them some kindness and remember that you don’t know the battles they fight every day. Don’t judge people because of what you think they are.

Radiating positive vibes your way

Until next time

Love Sade x


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  1. 25/05/2017 / 10:35 pm

    There is a lot of honesty in this post. Your experience of the homeless person is similar to that of a male blogger and ex-coworker of mine. https://thovghtsconveyed.wordpress.com/2017/03/17/the-self-realisation-of-homelessness-the-notion-of-denouncing-ones-own-stance-in-society/

    Behind everyone is a story. I am glad you were able to make the man’s day with what little you had because without realising it you gave him a lot. You reminded him of his childhood and allowed him to feel human again by taking time to listen.

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