Help A Queen Out Live: Out of the zone

Help A Queen Out Live

Help A Queen Out Live: online networking hour brought to life

Before I get into this post a drum roll please, yes I’m back. After yet another absence from blogging I am back and feeling great. I have been stepping out of my comfort zone a lot the past month, so much so I don’t even know where my comfort zone is anymore. I’m in the zone they term the stretch zone and I am definitely stretching myself more and more.  This month I completed my degree after a tedious university battle and officially entered the world of public speaking. I haven’t shared this with many people, but I have actually been toying with the idea of getting into public speaking for a few years, but I never knew how to get started. However, I can now proudly say I have spoken at my first ever public speaking engagement and it was fantastic. I was asked to be a speaker at the first ever Help A Queen Out Live event in Birmingham, and on the 24th July 2016 that became a reality.

Now for those people who are reading this and thinking what event is she talking about,  ‘Help A Queen Out’ is an online networking hour for women  hosted by Annika Spalding. It takes place every Sunday on twitter between 11am- 12pm, I have been participating in the online discussions for a while now and I absolutely love it. The discussions are great and it’s so nice to hear other amazing women’s perspectives. I look forward to tuning in every Sunday and the topics we discuss definitely set me up to have a great week. Several  weeks back Annika posted a tweet asking about whether or not people would be interested in having a live version of the networking hour, the idea got great feedback from the other Queens involved and Annika set off to make it happen.

A few weeks after her announcement, I remember getting a twitter DM message from Annika requesting my email address. I speedily sent through my reply, I had no idea what her email would be about but I had a feeling it was going to be something amazing. Within a few hours an email popped into my inbox and it was from Annika. She asked me to be a speaker at her event, I was shocked that I’d been asked considering I had never done anything like it before. I was also overwhelmed with gratitude for being given such a great opportunity, so I jumped at the chance and I’m so glad I did.

Before event day I was really struggling with finalizing my speech. I wanted to have a speech written, rehearsed and ready to regurgitate at the event. I thought that preparation was important and that I needed to be clear on what I would say; after all i’d never spoken at an event before so thought preparation was paramount. But the more I tried to write down what I wanted to say, the more I was steering away form the point I wanted to share. For days I was freaking out, thinking there is no way I can do this, will anyone even understand what i’m trying to say. Believe it or not I still have moments were self limiting beliefs seek to rear their ugly head and try to talk me out of doing things. Nevertheless I pushed those thoughts back and told myself “it’s now or never” you love talking anyway so how hard can it be.

Event day

I woke up on the morning of event day feeling really excited about what the day had in store for me. I had a feeling that today was going to be another shift in my life and I was ready for miracles to manifest. Travelling to Euston station felt like such a fast journey, before I knew it I had arrived and was boarding the London Midland service to Birmingham. Whilst on the train travelling to Birmingham I started to feel incredibly nervous, I’m usually quite calm and collected but an inner voice was creeping in trying to talk me out of making my speech. This little voice had tried to have some input on the lead up to the event, let’s call this voice self doubt; it was saying “what on earth are you doing? you haven’t done this before SOS, SOS”. To calm myself down I logged into my hotmail account, and there in my inbox was a sign that everything would be ok. I believe in the power of divine intervention, and it kicked in right on time. The email was really short but read:

“Now go: I will help you speak and will teach you what to say” – Exodus 4:12

As my train pulled into the station at Birmingham New Street self doubt hopped off my shoulder and left me alone. I started to feel a real sense of purpose as if the words I was going to share that day needed to be shared I decided to speak from the heart and to allow my passion for the topic to guide me.

The Event

The event was held in Birmingham ‘Grosvenor Casino’ and was the perfect intimate affair. From the moment the guests started arriving you could feel the positive energy flowing in the space. The level of positivity and great vibes was pulsating throughout the room and it felt amazing. You could feel the love in the room, we all shared hugs, smiles and laughter as each guest arrived. Who’d have thought a bunch of strangers would be hugging each other on there first meeting, but it just felt right; the shared love and respect was apparent from the beginning. After some initial chats and getting to know each other briefly, our host introduced the event and kick started us off with a game. The aim was to get us all talking and to find out a little bit more about the other Queens, this was the perfect ice breaker. I spoke with amazing Queens who were from lots of different backgrounds and it was just so nice to connect with new like minded people that just got it. After some time of talking, laughing and connecting and it was time to get into the speaking. Paula Hemmings  started off the speeches and discussed sisterhood and business, and let me tell you she’s amazing; you can feel her passion when she speaks. I was so inspired as she spoke about business strategies and oozed confidence. She is a fantastic speaker and I am looking forward to connecting with her more.

After Paula’s speech it was my turn, no fear was present at all; I opened my mouth and the words came out just as I knew they would. I believed I could do it and I did just that. My topic was on growth and positivity both of these are topics close to my heart; I’ve been on a journey and continue to progress on that journey every day. It felt so good to share my journey and my growth, I didn’t have a speech prepared I literally just spoke from the heart. I spoke about changing from being a negative person in my early 20s  to the positivity enthusiast I pride myself on being today. The event was more than just a chance to speak, it was the start of great things to come and i’m really excited. I was blessed to connect with some amazing Queens and we were also blessed with the presence of two inspiring Kings. The variation of male energy made the event even more amazing and it was great to be in a space where men could be inspired by amazing Queens and for them to have the opportunity to experience the company of powerful women.

Help A Queen Out Live is not just another networking event it’s a developing sisterhood, where strong amazing Queens can come together and radiate their individual and joint energy.  I have definitely been left feeling on top of the world ever since. I am still buzzing off of how amazing it was and how many amazing people I met. I am so grateful and blessed to have had the opportunity and really can’t thank Annika enough for believing in me and giving me a chance to speak in front of such a fantastic audience. She is an amazing Queen.

So as I close this blog post, if you are someone that likes to connect with like minded people please tune into the networking hour this Sunday and join us. Also step out of your comfort zone, get out their and network, there are amazing people out there just waiting for the opportunity to come into alignment with you.

Help A Queen Out

Have a miracle filled week lovelies. Here’s a little challenge for you, connect with someone new this week and spark up a positive conversation. It can be online or in person, it’s time to start networking. If you or someone you know is hosting a networking event please let me know as i’d love to come.

Radiating positive vibes your way.

Sade x





  1. 01/08/2016 / 10:30 am

    This is amazing! Yes, Sade, you were the perfect choice and did a fantastic job at inspiring everybody with your talk! I love what was created on that day and I believe we will go from strength to strength with this sisterhood. Thank you so much for always bringing your energy, for saying yes to speaking, for stepping outside of your comfort zone and for being you!

    Fabulous review xxx

  2. 01/08/2016 / 11:21 am

    Sounds like an amazing event. I would love to attend the next one. Will connect via Twitter for now.

    • admin
      15/08/2016 / 10:48 pm

      Yes it was fantastic, yes please do connect via twitter and hope to see you at the next one x

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