Image by Stay Joyful

Image by Stay Joyful

Hello Kings and Queens, I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted on my blog; a few weeks to be exact. But, I’m back. I’ve been away getting my priorities straight and living on purpose. Apologies for not getting a blog post up on Stay Joyful, however  I have been blogging for an amazing blogging community and I am loving the experience so far. I will reveal some more about that soon, if you have social media I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. Follow me on Twitter and Instagram @stayjoyful_uk to stay in the loop and interact with me; I love connecting with new people as many of you will already know, so head on over and lets interact.

I digressed, apologies for that. Right back into this post...

I  have been working my cotton socks off on a different kind of level, my toes have been dipped into various waters. The past few weeks I have stepped further out of my comfort zone and banged on the door of opportunity demanding to be let in. I have taken time to reflect and prioritize my workload, life and pull the reigns in a bit in order to truly maintain my inner peace. I must say it is important to get things into perspective and sometimes that means a small interlude.

Trust me, these past few weeks have been challenging, I’ve felt drained but I have overcome and I’m blessed. I knew challenges would arise as I grow and change, I was not necessarily prepared for all of the knocks and bumps; but I’m not afraid to persevere and guess what, I’m here.

Today marks the 1st June 2016, we are officially at the half way mark of this year. Firstly I need to thank the most high for blessing me with life. I am truly blessed and thankful for the opportunity to wake up in the morning, to breathe and to live my life on purpose. The first half of this year has been amazing. I threw my comfort zone out of the window and have been manifesting miracles. I know the next 6 months of the year are going to be absolutely phenomenal, I am so excited to experience what life has in store.

Continue manifesting

I explained in my first post of this year “I don’t set new years resolutions as I feel they add limits to your growth.”  Instead I manifest new experiences. At this point in the year I think it’s fitting to recharge your manifesting abilities and check in on how far you’ve come so far. Take a look at the goals you set back at the start of the year, tick off the ones you have achieved. If you haven’t achieved anything yet, if you feel like the first 6 months have been a total flop please don’t get disheartened. Your blessings are on there way, keep pushing, put in the work and your miracles will manifest at the right time for you.


My mid-point ‘I will’ declarations:

  • I will get stuck into writing my book and grow as a budding author
  • I will connect with an amazing King and my husband will be revealed. I believe in the power of calling things into existence, so here goes I’m putting it out there
  • I will connect with even more amazing people over the next few months and truly grow a powerful, positive network of phenomenally EPIC people.
  • I will be turning things up a notch in terms of continuing to create my reality and living life to its fullest. I will be turning 28 believe it or not roll on July woop, woop; although my baby face will continue to keep me looking like a teen. I used to hate being told I look young, but I’m actually loving it now and embracing my youthful looks (continuing to pour coconut oil all over my life).
  • I will start a new journey in my career and step into a new amazing phase of pastoral care. My work will have a positive impact on the young people I work with and I will be able to make a positive change
  • I will be open and receive amazing new opportunities
  • I will overcome challenges and inspire others to grow through the tricky times

Those are just a few of my mid-point I will declarations. There are many more things that I declare I will bring into my reality, I strongly believe in getting things down onto paper. If you haven’t yet created a vision board, a list of goals, an action plan; do that today. Get your goals down and action your steps. Keep the most high at the heart of all you do, radiate on a positive frequency and rock it.

I’m excited and I hope your excited too. Right let’s do this, let’s manifest miracles and make the next half of the year even more EPIC that the first half. I wish you all even more new experience, don’t allow your failings to define you; instead trust the process. You are absolutely amazing, you deserve to have the best, put in the effort.


The time is now, lets get to work.



Image by Stay Joyful

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